Thursday, September 3, 2009

items 13-15

13. complete and present an art installation on generative soundscaping that i have come up with a concept for.
14. swim with manta rays. they seem nice.
15. see radiohead live in concert, since i can't see the beatles barring the invention of a time machine (fun fact: almost all the time travel i have imagined involves going to certain gigs. also if i could have a superpower i would choose levitation, v. handy at festivals)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

items 1-12

1. perform duets of the following at kareoke: iggy pop and kate pearson - candy, bill medley and jennifer warnes - (i've had) the time of my life
2. call a taxi to pick up an order of pizzas and share a slice with the driver on the way home. alternately, go through a drive through in a taxi and buy the driver a sundae
3. live in a house with an old ratty couch on the verandah. play guitar on that verandah in the rain
4. bake a tiered cake with fancy crap on it
5. screen a film festival in my backyard or pool, possibly using a sheet as a screen and a borrowed projector of some sort.
6. perform the robot dance to rapturous (or at least better than polite) applause
7. hang-glide, but not to anywhere in particular
8. write a novel/novella/short story based on this idea i've got
9. play club cricket. alternately, try out for club cricket and not be selected for the team (realism!)
10. perform on stage with a band. get paid to perform on stage with a band
11. travel to alaska, write and record an album under the nothern lights, just me and a laptop
12. eat at every brand of franchise fried chicken in the united states of america